May 28, 2007

Flowers of Spring

The poppy fields have been extraordinary...more plentiful and brilliant than ever. There are fields of poppies...then there are poppies falling over stone walls and even a lone ranger or two in the middle of a rocky path. They grow everywhere. We were such in search of them last year but never had the vistas that there have been in '07. Am taking lots of photos for my artist friends.

So many things are blooming. Here at Xavier's, he allows the wildflowers to progress through the Spring and mows only when they are spent.....first the tiny yellow flowers that blanket the yard....then come the bluets (though not the one we have), followed by the poppies and now the wild verbena (perennial verbena at home) with a yellow daisy......Nature sure does have alot to offer.

Last week, we made the trip to Abbaye de Senanque where the monks grow lavender and lavandin.....The monks have done an amazing amount of work since my last visit in September. The fields are gorgeous and I can't wait to return there in June when the lavender blossoms will be bursting forth......a field of purple. Lavender fields are everywhere......Did you know that it takes 100 kilos of blossoms (and think how light they are) to produce 1 liter of lavender essence! Below is the picture from the entrance of Senanque. I will take the same picture with the lavender in bloom in June.

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