June 30, 2007

Paris Surprise

Headed to Paris the beginning of June for a friend's birthday party. Of course, days were taken up with sightseeing and visiting places I hadn't been to in years....and walking miles and miles. BUT all this walking paid off.

Xavier took the less traveled route from the Arc de Triomphe and we ended up on Rue du Faubourg Saint Honore in front of the Elysee Palace...the home of the new French president, Nicolas Sarkozy. He must have known we were there because the gates opened, the car pulled into the street, stopped and out jumps Sarkozy! He greeted the 10-15 of us who were lucky enough to just be passing by. Very exciting....and I can say that he has a great smile and lots of charisma. Check out the photo

From there, we landed at a restaurant that I can highly recommend. Alain Senderens closed Lucas Carton and reopened as Senderens...a more low key casual restaurant than his starred Lucas Carton. There are actually 2 entities here....the restaurant Senderens and the upstairs bar. ...Le Passage.....named this since access is through the alley (Passage de la Madeleine) to the side of the restaurant. Get buzzed in, proceed upstairs and enjoy the small plates that they offer. I loved the Pastilla de Pigeon, Vinaigrette Epicée et Mesclun...it was perfect with the crisp white wine that was chosen

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