May 4, 2007


What can I say? Travel these days is not as easy as it once was and leaving from the big city of Atlanta made it even more laborious. Their sidewalk check-in was line....friendly personnel who even gave me 3 drink coupons for the flight...did I look like I needed a drink at 10AM in the morning?? Anyway, that is where the fun stops. Once inside and I was faced with the line (or should I say lines) through security. From the time that I was dropped off, it took one full hour to get through security and to my gate. Great flight to NY/JFK and then the interminable 5 hour wait for the next flight!

I think that JFK has undoubtedly the worst signage of any airport/train station/hospital/ or other place where you have no idea where you are. In my 5 hours there, I thought that perhaps I could redesign their directional signs..... heaven help the poor international traveler who doesn't speak English. Enough of that....I headed to the Sam Adams bar where there was a WiFi entertainment for the next few hours.

At the gate: Everyone is arriving.....3 people in wheel chairs.....2 people with dogs......more people than I can count with babies and children....and many different languages. Woman who arrived in a wheelchair with crutches and a dog needs to go to bathroom but can't manage dog, crutches and handbag alone. She doesn't speak English so I figure she speaks, she speaks Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. I am not much help but find an Italian lady to help her. Now this is a brave traveler.

Flight is full but again I have my good Karma and there is no one beside me....I see no other empty seats.....I guess my focusing on this for the last 3 months helped.

Enough of this...arrived on time in NIce to cool, rainy weather...a first......but, to me, the sun was shining!

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