July 7, 2011


On the 4th of July, in FRANCE, celebrating AMERICA, X made his fabulous ITALIAN bolognese sauce... But he topped it off with Parmesan rinds....yes, rinds.  Remember the fabulous Parmesan I blogged about a few weeks ago.  Well, we have been eating away on it and unbeknownst to me, he was saving all the pieces of rind.   What in the world for?   Soup??? noooooo.  It is even better than that.  He took these small pieces trimmed into 1" lengths (see photo) and slowly sauteed them in a small amount of organic shortening .....He worked on and off the heat for about 30 minutes, being careful not to scorch or burn....on and off the heat is crucial here.  These little jewels along with some fresh peppers from the garden, some pasta, and our Tabasco Reserve made for a fabulous dinner.  Gave us just what we needed to get our own little concert going......God Bless America.

Just had to share this Parmesan trick....when done, they were cheesy little pillows!


  1. finally a new blog! and a yummy one altho the blue eyed parmesean guy was pretty yummy looking too :-D

  2. Parmesan and tricks - two attention getting words in my book. I'll definitely be "borrowing" your idea for cheesy pillows. And to think they were only good in soup.