July 27, 2011


What extraordinary lavender we saw this year!  It came early....at least 3 weeks early.  We packed our picnic and struck out early for the Valensole plateau above the Gorges du Verdon and Lac Ste. Croix (another extraordinary place to blog about later). 

The group was excited, and we were too, as we got our first glimpse of what our day was going to be!  This was only the beginning!

It only gets better

Different intensities in color....different varieties.  The pale grey is actually the true and most precious lavender....

DISTILL IT  to make lavender oil.  Again the essence of lavender is different depending on which lavender is distilled. The true (lavandula augustifolia) is my favorite. Aspic lavender (lavandula latifolia) and lavandin (a hybrid of the two) can have a bit of a camphor scent...subtle but there.

or MAKE LAVENDER WANDS to add fragrance to your closets, your drawers or even in a vase in a room.


  • put a few drops in your hand with some bath soap, lather it in your hands and add to your bath water for a relaxing 'homemade spa'
  • have a scratch or a bite, lavender oil will take out the 'bite'
  • glue left behind on a bottle label, rub with a spot of lavender oil and 'VOILA!'
  • a spot or two on a cotton ball tucked into the corner of a room or in your car is a favorite of mine
  • a small drop of pure essence in sugar cookie dough for a yummy treat
  • and last, but not least.....a great aftershave men's cologne
We hope you enjoyed our day in the lavender fields of Provence! 
à la prochaine,
MJ and X


  1. Never heard of it before but I am so going to try out the lavander wand. Makes me want to go to France now :D