June 6, 2011

Power is Back! A Frenchman in America...

No power in part of the house......an important part of the house....the KITCHEN.  It has been a day and a half so we are thrilled to see EDF show up to replace the melted box.

One of the men heard X and I speaking English and asked where I was from.....Caroline du Nord, Monsieur...."Oh, I love the USA. I have been there", he said!  "But there was one thing I did not understand".  Smiling,  he proceeded to tell of his trip to Austin, Texas.  While there, he always greeted friends and family the usual traditional French way.....a kiss on each cheek.  A stranger approached and told him that this is not done in America.  Surprised, he listened.

Did he misunderstand? Who knows what the stranger really meant.....were they just curious about the tradition or did they really mean that one should not greet someone in public with a kiss in America.  That is the way he took it so from then on he said he and his family shared no more French greetings in America.  C'est dommage

And, finally, we pass on a bottle of rosé acknowledging a job appreciated and well done.  Somehow I don't see us handing a bottle of wine to the Duke Power guys. Do you?

P.S. There was a geiko that must have been very close when the box was struck.  He is charred....absolutely black....but is still alive and well....must indeed have a suit of armor.  Have not been able to catch a photo of him.


  1. win win situation for everyone involved! guests, chefs, and especially the electrician!

  2. How sad the Frenchman will no longer use the traditional French greeting in the states.

    I sympathize with the power out. In the islands it went out almost daily. Although we didn't repay the power guys with wine, we did provide "trans" as they called it with our golf cart and always had a snack available to hand out. Food and, in your case wine, is always a good way to make friends.