June 10, 2011


What a surprise when I walked into the kitchen this morning to see Xavier with a PILE of fresh truffles.  It could be only one thing.  Cedric and his team came early today to work in the yard and after the espresso that Xavier fixed for everyone, they thought they would give the yard a quick 'look see' for truffles.  They didn't have the dog but, lo and behold, they found a mother lode under one tree.  From now on, I think we should call him 'the giving tree'! He sits there so innocently at the back door but is quietly working away to give us precious truffles. 

So this early bird, who is always up by 6, did not get the worm this morning.  Can't believe I missed the photo op.....haven't slept in until 8AM for months and look what happened!....You would think the X after being with me so much would have grabbed the camera on the kitchen table to capture the moment!  Oh well,  here they are with the morning harvest of squash blossoms.  Lunch today????  Of course, a truffle omelet and squash blossom beignets....Can't wait!

No way these are for sale but in the market, these summer truffles would fetch close to $300....

 To see the making of the truffle omelet, click here

P.S. I have just read this to X and he corrected the fact that in my original post, I made the tree feminine.  Of course, I know that in French it is masculine but, for me, this tree that is so giving just has to be feminine.  I called her a she.  Anyway, when you see it written in French, both the masculine and feminine are 'l'arbre' because arbre begins with a vowel and needs the link.  THIS LANGUAGE!!!


  1. If I knew French I would say something clever but the truffle fairies have been hard at work and that's a real treat for all. enjoy. bon appetit! (hows that!)

  2. A he or a she tree...whatever, I would call it amazing to find your own truffles under your very own tree Mary. Squash blossoms are a treat all by themselves, and combine them with truffles.....what would one call such a treat in French? Words escape me, just lead me to the table.

    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen today. It's my pleasure to meet you. You live in one of my most favorite parts of the world and I look forward to getting to know you better.