April 26, 2009

Jambon en Croute

This ham hails from a 'petit village' in the Duchy of Luxembourg and was offered to us by a friend who really knows the specialties of the area.....

What a great way to do your Easter ham!  This was delicious! In the bottom of this beautiful pastry were onions, carrots,; celery and  'la couenne' .  Yep! I know you don't  know what that last thing is.  It is the skin around the ham.  So, here are the basics......cook a whole ham, remove the skin (la couenne du porc) and place a large piece on the pastry  (i am not going into that here....remember, I am giving you a rough idea of how it is done) with vegetables.  Arrange ham slices overall.  Enclose with pastry.....decorate and bake before serving. I made that sound easy, didn't I????

It was served steaming hot with a piece of the pastry, a vegetable or two from the bottom and some of 'la couenne'. Very very good.

By the way, in this part of the world, the cows here say...."lesst mei Schwain!" eat more pork....not eat more chicken!

Note:  This was previously posted in 2009.....just made some corrections to my spelling !!!

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