April 23, 2009

Could this be the beginning????

I have always admired how the French hold on to their regionalism, the integrity of their provinces.....whether it is food, or wine or the number of 'les bises' (kisses) when one is greeting a friend.  In Provence, we do not cook with butter but in Normandy, they do. We have olive trees so we cook with olive oil......in Normandy, they have cows so their cuisine uses butter.  In Provence, we drink wines from the Var and the Rhone, not Burgundy or Bordeaux.  But things are changing....maybe not with food yet, but, hopefully, this is not the beginning of the end of each areas individuality...

From now on, new license plates will only reflect the region where the car resides in a small square on the right of the tag.  Always, if you saw a car with a plate ending in 06, you knew these people were from the area of Nice.....83 from the Var......84 Vaucluse.......69 Lyon......33 Bordeaux, etc.  Slowly new plates will replace the old and when one purchases a car, the plate will not reflect the region and that plate will stay with that car for the life of the car....even if the owner changes.....changes departements, etc  Well, I guess my little game of 'where are they from' might not  last forever....a little square today...gone tomorrow??

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