November 12, 2008

Thinking Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not far away and by now you could have 90% of the work done.....don't worry, it is not too late. For 25 years, I taught as many as 3 classes every Fall on The Southern Thanks
giving. In fact, this mostly do-ahead menu is in my book, Mary James dishes it out (page 112).

Now for some of those extra tips. The dressing can be done now and frozen....makes 24 pieces.....freeze it on a sheet pan then bag it if you don't have freezer room....just remember to put it back on the cookie sheet before it thaws! Cook it on turkey day

By all means make the cranberry conserve....this is a HUGE hit every year.....double the recipe and it will carry you through Christmas...don't freeze...just refrigerate.....I don't like to do more that a double batch at a seems to change how it sets up and thickens if you do more than that......The picture on the left shows you the approximate size of the fruit when it is cut......Bring to a simmer (slow boil) and then time it for 20 minutes stirring occasionally......This dish sparkles when presented in a glass/crystal dish.

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