December 29, 2007


Booksignings have been great for me. Not only do I get to visit but many of you already have the book, and are trying the recipes, and are giving me such great feedback.....THANK YOU!.... I just have to share some of your comments...

-I LOVE your book.....It does not challenge my culinary skills...

-The Pan Seared Scallops were divine....and so quick to do

-I had no idea it would be this easy....all I have to know how to do is measure! I am inspired.

-I have already made the Sizzling Fish Filets with Ginger and Green Onions for my family and they loved it and it took me no time. MJ'S note: read about steamer in previous blog.

-The recipes are so easy to read and to follow.....I love the teaching notes.

So it seems that many of you have picked up on the ease of preparation of the recipes in Mary James dishes it out. It has always been my goal to make life easier and simpler in the kitchen whether it is the recipe you are preparing or the equipment you are using.

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