December 29, 2007

Favorite Equipment - The Steamer

The steamer has become my best friend. Above you see three different sizes of the traditional stackable bamboo steamer (left) that works over water in the would keep one basket for meat/fish and the other for vegetables. These are inexpensive especially when purchased in the ethnic markets.

However, my favorite is the electric steamer (right). It is inexpensive also...$29.99 at Target the last time I checked. I use it almost everytime I cook....and, by the way, I don't cook every night. The Sizzling Fish Filets with Ginger and Green Onions (p. 116) are fabulously quick and easy in the steamer...And you will get RAVE reviews on this dish.... The steamer is perfect for all your vegetables.... steam potatoes for mashing or serve them just steamed with a bit of parsley, salt and pepper....or add a few turnips to the potatoes for an interesting twist....cabbage, carrots, cauliflower....asparagus, parnips, sweet potatoes....the list is endless. So healthy and they really do taste better. Dishwasher clean up or sometimes just a quick rinse will do. Bowls stack to store.

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  1. I got a bamboo steamer at an Asian food store and it is awesome! Great recommendation!

    Love the blog!