August 26, 2012

Lunch in Nancy...the good, the bad!

We begin by our usual walk perusing menus (no "this is the dish" photos), clientele (look for locals) and setups (neat, clean & chef not smoking out front!).

We choose La Gentilhommiere because menu is not too big, plus our favorite dishes are offered.  For him, it is Tete de Veau, and for me, it is Ris de Veau.

Our local aperitif arrives...Grés Rosé..with puff pastry twists & olives.  Simple, but a perfect start

My Ris de Veau with capers, brunoise vegetables and croutons was probably the BEST I have ever had. I have never thought of the caper/lemon juice finish for sweetbreads.  Work beautifully on these perfectly cooked sweetbreads.......Thennnnnn
Let's talk about the Tete de Veau....wrong wrong wrong.  I knew it as soon as they set it on the table.  And though he shared his comments only with are just a few.  It was steamed when it should have been cooked for several hours with vegetables and seasoning...court no juice/sauce on check out those raw onion rings on the plate...& finally the sauce gribiche did not even come close....So, let's move to dessert...

My favorite French dessert, Iles Flottante.  Perfect Creme Anglaise with flecks of vanilla bean, tender meringue and delicious caramel (though I would have liked more).  Plus it was not stuffed in a parfait glass like so many restaurants are doing. Thennnnn.....

Here comes his Mirabelle Creme Brûlée....What's with the ICE CREAM....Heaven forbid!! Anyway, the creme brûlée was delicious by itself but the cherry ice cream totally hid the flavor of the mirabelle.  Don't think I have ever seen ice cream on crunchy creme brûlée

Bottom line....I loved and thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant and was dying to go back. I tried all during the 2 weeks we were no avail.

But, I have to snicker about it.....for once, he was the chef who ordered wrong.....but who knew.

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  1. Oh, the desserts!!!!! I am drooling. Will you make them for us all back home? Pretty please?